Why should we Travel?

We all are busy in our daily life and often find ourselves into depression, frustration and negativity. And in many occasions, these all just keep on hovering into our mind and we lose track. No direction!! Lost!! Now we want an escape from that hustle and bustle life.

We often find, the more we travel and spend time away from our daily routine, the more we tend to like the new and unknown change. This change is a wonderful thing, Embrace it!!

We always emerge as a new individual when we go for a crazy, stupid, wild & adventurous travel. Just leave your extra luggage (but don’t forget to take your camera, spare battery, headphones, etc…:P), unwanted stress and gear up for the upcoming new thought and take yourself out of your comfort zone.

With the instant digital fingertips on Travel stories, videos, pictures; the hunger increases more and we get desperate to go out and see new places. There are way too many places to travel. Many want to just have a casual outing, many want the adventurous trek to the mountains, many just want to chill on the beaches and many want to enjoy the spring and winter. It’s all about the interests.

Travelling is good for your soul and I have always considered it as a very important part of life.

I thought of a few pointers which might justify “Why should we travel?’.

1. Bored with everyday life and just want to come out of comfort zone – Travel helps to come out of our comfort zone. Just place all your doubts and insecurities below everything and make the most out of Travel.

2. Discover for your interest and passion – When you go for a trip you realize that there are plenty of things to discover. Be it for the cuisines, street foods, great places for photography, language & culture, finding friends, a new idea for business, beautiful beaches or beautiful mountains.

3. Undying opportunities of Learning – Learning is a strong reason why people should Travel. You will experience something unfamiliar and get acquainted with new skills and knowledge. This is something more educational than schools and colleges. Every destination has something unique, something new and it’s a new world when you delve into it. You never know, you may encounter something that might change your life towards success.

4. Finding yourself – It gives you the opportunity to get a reflection of yours. You will find many issues and many opportunities to tackle the situation and test yourself. You will have the insight of who you are and you will be transpired to a new personality while returning home.

5. Building Relationships – Isn’t it cool when people of different cultures, different generations have dinner together and share their Travel stories. This trend of multi-generation and multi-cultural people travelling together is a great way of building strong and strengthening relationships. You never know who might come for help when you are struggling with the task that your manager has provided, when you have gone into depression when the company has not given the appraisal, when the company has fired you, when your business has collapsed, when you want to travel abroad and expecting some unique suggestions about that place.

6. Relaxing & Refreshing – Good weather and lying on the beach, hiking through the beautiful valleys and enjoy the fresh air, have a glass of wine and lying in a pool. All are ways of finding the relaxation and refreshment and boosting you mind and body with good vibes.

I guess now you find a reason to travel and now it’s time to make the most out of it. Wish you a beautiful and happy life 😊

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