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Hi, I’m Suyash… and if you don’t mind, I’ll get straight to it…

I expect you aren’t really here right now because you care to hear all about me and my life story.

I mean you got to love the “about me” page on people’s websites where you get to read a whole thesis on “the life of”…

Instead, I will just share with you stuff that I think will be helpful to you, assuming you’re possibly looking for my help.

If you’re here, chances are it’s because you want to figure out how to earn your income and travel the world doing something that’s fulfilling to you and that is relevant for today’s online world.

Something that’s also going to give you a lot more freedom (time and geographical), yet at the same time can have a real positive impact on others.

In a nutshell, you are here because you’re looking for some genuine reviews on anything related to travel. You want to have a laptop lifestyle and obviously travel to as many places as possible in the world.

But right out the gate and before we go any further, let me warn you that I’ll be pulling no punches and will be very straight with you. So, if you are looking for someone to tell you it’s easy and can happen in one or two weeks, that’s not me. Let me be very real with you.


So, who is Suyash?

I was born in India. And from childhood, I was fascinated by traveling to different places, enjoy the weather condition in hill stations and just relaxing and enjoying life.

I always thought of leading an independent life where I can work, earn, travel, eat and sleep

Now, since the world is changing and we have stepped into the digital era where almost everyone is connected through the Internet, I believe anyone can have an independent lifestyle, rather I say this as Laptop Lifestyle.

I believe that as the digitization is taking place more and more, there are more and more spams spreading over the globe and people are misguided by the fraud reviews and end up getting distracted. Hence, people should take initiatives to share their honest experiences and reviews for the betterment of society.

Hope to see you on the other side.

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